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Kim Wilson - Traditional and Digital Illustration

“I have always drawn, painted, sculpted and created stories. Examples of my early work are still visible, much to my mother’s chagrin, in the trim in the walls in my childhood house. I carved animals out of Dove soap bars, produced piles of portraits on rocks and in clay. In the fields, I crafted forts and secret spaces with regard to the quality of the light and the softness of the green grass and the smoothness of the hand-pulled saw grasses when laid side by side.


So even from childhood, I have been attracted to use things at hand, to make contrasts and compliment with natural materials, red of clay the black of asphalt, the smoothness of water-worn stones.


Touch is very important, the smoothness, the softness, cool, warm and how color interrelates in the particular surrounding. I think with a pencil. Ideas are jotted down as thumbnails, fragments of ideas as I encounter them. Later, I come back to these fragments and see if they are worthy expansion and if pieces may be combined for a larger idea.


I have always been attracted to environmental manipulations and multiples of form. Large art that encompasses alters or compliments a space, allowing it to create its own story. I like to use exploration and discovery. Does it make you want to move your feet, to run over rolling hills, or does it make you want to touch, or explore with your sense of hearing?” And things that I love: all things natural, the environment, horses, dogs and cats, foreign countries, fantastical worlds and LEARNING!

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